Three words. Always for you.

16 November 2009

You can take my heart,
cut it
burn it
it's yours.

you can cut me,
I'll bleed but I won't say a word.
or maybe I'll say three.

you can hurt me in every way that you want
you can make my whole world dark and black

You can bring up all the shadows that can ever haunt a person
you can bring all the sorrow I could ever feel.

You can drag me from heaven to hell;
from your heaven to my hell.

I would only say three words.
The ones you whisper to me every night,
and I know you'll keep telling me every day.

I love you.



  1. Hi Christina! great words :)
    Happy Monday!!!!

  2. aah i adore this collection of photos - stunning!
    i love a lttle glitter :P