I felt your fingers carressing my face as I was falling asleep..

28 April 2010

I called your name in my dream
held your hand
kissed your eyelids
your cheeks your forehead,
kept your lips for last.
my boy...

I wish you were lingering more in my dreams.
The time of the day isn't long enough
for me to get enough of you.
I wish I had more time,I wish I was somewhere else
somewhere that it'd be just the two of us.
And that you'll always feel as you felt from the beggining.




  1. oh love, what a sweet blog. :)
    do you mind getting back to me on my blog about your header - i'm really curious about what film it's from? just drop me a note to soothe my curiosity, love, when you have the time. :) xxx (it looks irkingly familiar!)

  2. Poly omorfo synaisthima!
    Kai to oneiro poly glyko! :)


  3. oh this is so stunning dear ♥