News from the forest!

16 August 2010

Hello! I'm sorry I'm not posting frequently these days but I guess there's been some lack of inspiration..!
GOOD NEWS is that I'm getting and old Zenit camera from my grandpa!!! I hope it works fine because I really wanted
 to find an old camera,even if it looks like shit,but (as I've read) Zenits are really good!!
GREATEST EVER NEWS is that with my boyfriend we're planning on going to London
 after Christmas and before the New Year's Eve... I'm SO excited with this that I want to plan everything from now!!

(photos from my tumblr - source there)



  1. teleies eikones opws panta! wraio post! esu dn exeis empneysh, egw pali exw k dn exw internet!
    kala dn mporeis na fantasteis poso se zhleuw p 8a pas se tetoia epoxh london! ax se misw! hahahah!

  2. i open your blog and the first thing i see is a moment from the Bright Star movie and it put a smile on my face. I was crying a lot in the movie.

    and London with your boyfriend sounds like a gigantic adventure! I like to plan months ahead too when it comes to major traveling.

    with love abigail

  3. That's great! I'd love to go to London, hopefully, I will next year!
    Lovely pictures!

  4. ohh! that´s Zooey Deschanel!! i´m totally in love with her style!

    London... that´s one of my dreams...^^