Mid - January

28 January 2013

Hey there! It's the second week of exams and I don't have any free time..! I try to push some design work between revising hours and travelling to university so I'm really lost these days. Can't wait for these weeks to be over! I got my new brogues in the mail today and I can't wait to wear them (along with the rest of the stuff I bought online and I'm waiting to arrive)! { click on the photos for sources }

Lunar wallpaper

17 January 2013

I found this high resolution moon image and an amazing new font to play with and I thought why not make a wallpaper?! I've had my old one for a long time! So here you are, I'm giving you the biggest size so that you can resize it to fit your screen! Click here to download!

Between cold days (& some links)

11 January 2013

Hello lovelies! Taking some time between reading and a little working (from home) to take some photos since it was pretty sunny despite the frosty wind that keeps everyone inside the last days..! I've also uploaded some graphic work in my portfolio and started revising for university exams...
♥ Be sure to check this  d r e a m y  video by The Yellow Brick Road Boutique! I just adored it!
♥ Frankie's amazing DIY - Make a scalloped leather clutch!
aslongas super cute collection!

casper & pearl

9 January 2013

Casper & Pearl was created by an 18-year-old self taught designer in 2011 and since then, the label has been seen on many fashion bloggers and international publications! Personally, I found the label through another blog - can't remember now which one - and I simply loved the summer designs! The creator, Stacey Hendrickson is also an aspiring artist and takes inspiration for her collections through older times, innocence and vintage fashion. The ‘Secret Garden’ A/W 13 collection which launches on February, has a hidden meaning behind it, the story tells a tale about "a girl who grows a beautiful garden out of absolutely nothing" - how couldn't I love this already?! With many stockists in Australia and online it's clearly remarkable what she has achieved in so little time! Until February we can take a look at some photos behind the scenes of the lookbook for the 'Secret Garden' collection and two sneak peeks I got through Stacey!

It's never too late for wishes..!

8 January 2013

I know it's been many weeks since my last post but this Christmas has been the opposite of holidays..! I was working in a toy megastore till 30 of December and after the New Year's I have to admit I was pretty uninspired and did nothing special except from going out, eating candies, reading and a little bit of knitting...! I also did some shopping - still waiting for the packages from Ebay to arrive - and bought three sweaters! At last this week I got some time to meet with my friend and take some photos!

(I love this sweater so much! It's like the prefect shade of mint with the perfect amount of sparkle!)

I was thinking that I'd like to make more outfit posts from now on and keep the blog more updated on fashion and design! The new year has started pretty well for me as I already have been contacted by four ladies for design services, and a surprise handcrafted  project I had had in mind for the last months which I hope to start soon! On a more personal aspect, I'm still as in love as I could ever be, happy and loved with family and friends! I hope the new year finds you all loved, content and creative!