Last night I dreamt that I was a bit like Alison Mosshart

29 January 2010

It all started like this: My boyfriend had some kind of a band and we were all in a small place like a bar or something, and they started playing & me and another girl (who was of some help to them,I don't know what her job was) were there too.
I remember that for some unknown reason they didn't have a singer so my boyfriend sang and I was in a corner singing by myself and then he and this other girl turned to me and started telling me "why don't you sing louder?!" and things like "don't be shy and relax" and all this in front of everyone..!
Have I forgotten to mention that I'm exactly the
opposite of showing off myself and that I get so easily shy?! Now you know then! I don't know if I could do anything like that - no matter how much I would feel like it..!!
So to continue,I had my long hair in the dream and I had a really nice red guitar,which is tottally stupid because I don't know how to play and
neither did I in the dream!! And they kept on telling me to sing louder and play some notes and, one the one hand, it was like when you see singers or when you pretend to sing in front of your mirror that you're thinking how cool this would be but on the other hand,it was this huge holding-back thing that I have..! And it wasn't that in my dream I had a great voice or so,I guess it was a bit better,that's why I couldn't dare to sing easily...

[I hope I didn't tire you..!]
So,to finish,in the end I was viewing scenes like it was all fine and I could sing and I could everything and it looked great - I guess that's why Alison Mosshart.


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  1. I love her style, although I know nothing about her music. Great blog, I am your new follower, kiss.