you feel like the sea

21 February 2010

There are times that you hold me and i feel like it's surrounding me.
Had it been real water I would probably drown - because I want to sink in it, you, your love.
I want to go deeper and deeper, let it fill my lungs, every cell in me.
It's everywhere, in and out of me.
It's vast and it's all for me - my own personal sea of love reflecting the sun.

photo from here



  1. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and looking at all the stunning pictures!! I'm a Halloween folk artist and would be honored if you stopped by my blog some time as well. Take care

    ~ Brialee ~

  2. Oh thats so wonderful - the pictures + your words = <3

  3. Great blog!! Congratulations!!


  4. a beautiful photo to accompany beautiful words ♥

    i just stumbled across your blog and i'm so glad i did, its wonderful :)

  5. That was so beautiful. ^^ I wish I could find a romance like that. :) A guy that I truley loved that much. ^^