the witches' night

20 August 2010

"It was a still afternoon--the golden light was lingering languidly among the upper boughs,
only glancing down here and there on the purple pathway and its edge of faintly sprinkled
moss: an afternoon in which destiny disguises her cold awful face behind a hazy radiant
veil, encloses us in warm downy wings, and poisons us with violet-scented breath."
George Eliot,Adam Bede

". . . the moon gazed on my midnight labours, while, with unrelaxed and breathless
eagerness, I pursued nature to her hiding-places." Mary Shelley,Frankenstein

images not mine,grabbed them from my tumblr


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  1. Ah, breathtaking images and shiversome quotes. It makes me want to dive into a dark, enchanting story and have a mysterious adventure involving witches, vampires and unfulfilled prophecies... Thank you love, for this inspiration boost. x