Sleeping Beauty

7 January 2011


'' Many a girl has waited long,
For a husband brave or strong;
But I’m sure I never met
Any sort of woman yet 
who could wait a hundred years, 
Free from fretting, free from fears. 
Now, our story seems to show 
That a century or so, 
Late or early, matters not; 
True love comes by fairy-lot. 
Some old folk will even say 
It grows better by delay. ,,

Illustration by Henry Maynell Rheam



  1. Se eyxaristo poly! :)
    Kai to diko sou blog einai teleio.
    Ta parakolou8o edo kai kairo.

    *Poli oraio to poihma.

  2. To this, I'd add the lines of W.B Yeats,

    If I make the lashes dark
    And the eyes more bright
    And the lips more scarlet,
    Or ask if all be right
    From mirror after mirror,
    No vanity's displayed:
    I'm looking for the face I had
    Before the world was made.

    What if I look upon a man
    As though on my beloved,
    And my blood be cold the while
    And my heart unmoved?
    Why should he think me cruel
    Or that he is betrayed?
    I'd have him love the thing that was
    Before the world was made.

    Nice lines.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. yperoxo to illustration!
    diko su whriting?
    fadastiko k toso romadiko!

  4. tinos einai to poihma christi?! :) super to illustration!

  5. Oxi den einai diko mou!! kala 8a tan...! To vrhka grammeno katw apo thnistoria ths wraias koimwmenhs..!

  6. How dreamy, how sweet.
    This is inspiration.

  7. The poem is wonderful. "True love comes by fairy-lot." Perfect, thank you for sharing, dear. x

  8. looooove your blog ! really, and your banner is incredible ... i'll follow you and i invite you to mine

  9. That is one of my most favourite paintings!
    You have won two awards at my blog. Here's the link!

  10. Yeah it's a sweet story and a romantic moral bar the last paragraph omitted from your blog, which is less idealistic also similarly I read on wiki in one of the versions the princess gets rapped and then has a couple of kids that wake her up, and another she wakes up and dies of old age.

    hmmmmm I think that puts a little taint on the idealistic nature of the fairy tale..

  11. Christina, I heard a beautiful song in Return of the King that is sung by Liv Tyler. I knew you'd appreciate that. Have a listen here if you don't already know of it. She has such a lovely voice!

  12. Thea,I went to your blog to answer but you've disabled comments right?..
    Thank you very much dear! I already know this song but only the fact that you listened to it and thought of me is so nice...!! :)

  13. wow..amazing illustration and poem!just found your blog and i'm following!filakia polla!