Rachel Antonoff Spring 2012: Minnie Mouse & Wednesday Addams

25 September 2011

I found the article about Rachel Antonoff's collection in NYFW through modaCycleHabitually Chic and I was instanlty attracted to the designs, the artwork, the hair and the whole mood. She claims her inspiration was Minnie Mouse fused with Wednesday Addams - she'd had me at this line!! These charecters may be tottally irrelevant but Antonoff managed to work the magic! When asked to describe a typical night in the Antonoff Manor,  fully illustrated by Alia Penner, she easily exclaimed “well, they’re getting ready to murder off their pets and they’re preparing their pet cemetery. I think they’re being really creepy in there.” Looking shy and innocent? I don't think so! Besides the whole idea behind the collection I think it is an amazing way to show off a collection instead of catwalk - more affordable for the designers, more creative for us! 

"Bold. Enchanting. Utterly haunting!"

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  1. That is really pretty, shocking(!) and fantastic.
    I love it!

  2. Aw how cool are those cardboard cutouts?! Beautiful pictures!!

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    x Aliya

  3. Wow, these sets are incredible!