New layout for Cloud Sailor!

26 February 2012

Yesterday I finished the new layout of the giveaway winner! B  has just install it on her blog so you can take a look here and tell me your opinion!  It's rather minimal but I ended up really loving the colors and the image on the header. A big thanks to B for being so cooperative and knowing what she wants - you made my job so easy! :)

Next week I'll try to finish the headers for the other two winners!
p.s. I made a fashion tumblr!



  1. It's PERFECT!!! I'm so, so, so, SO happy with it. Thank you, Christina, for being so wonderful and professional and brilliant about the whole thing. I am completely in love. ♥

  2. ohmyyyy, i wish i won the giveaway. i'd love a customised design :( SUPER JEALOUS.

  3. bravo christinaki...aplo alla apsogo!