A lovely vintage giveaway! - closed

10 September 2013

Hey there! Sorry for the absence, I'm in the middle of exams still so I don't have time for much! Gladly, I finally got to arrange a giveaway with the lovely Courtney that owns a sweet vintage shop on Etsy called Confectionery Vintage. I couldn't help bookmarking my favourite pieces but be sure to follow her on instagram as well, because she always posts new stuff and many items are sold before even making it to the shop!

The winner will get to choose any one item they like best!!
To enter you must:
  • be a follower of my blog (Google Friend Connect/ Bloglovin/Feedly)
  • visit Confectionery Vintage and leave a comment with your favourite item
  • follow Courtney on instagram. (If you don't have an instagram account, well, just comment with your favourite item.)
The giveaways is open until Sunday 15/09 and Courtney will cover the shipping! Good luck!

The winner is Tina! Congratulations!


  1. I love the 'Vintage brown wool jacket with elegant buttons.' The Vintage floral bow scarf' is lovely too!
    :) would love a chance to win! I love your blog!

  2. I can't find out to leave a Comment on the side so here is a link to a dress that is really find and would make me feel like a Real woman


  3. I adore the "Vintage flower tapestry backpack in green, purple and blue" :) and the "Vintage 50s MORGAN's cableknit and moss stitch wool cardigan with wood buttons" which is beyond dreamy :)
    I hope to be lucky this time :)


  4. Welcome! I am enthralled with the ones unique things.beautiful shop! peculiarly riveted my attention Vintage of 50 sec. MORGAN's cableknit and moss stitch wool cardigan with wood buttons.

    I am counting this autumn fortunately:)

    I am greeting!


  5. Oh such a wonderful giveaway. ♥

    I love the Vintage flower tapestry backpack in green, purple and blue. :)

  6. This is lovely. ♥
    I have added Courtney's shop to my favourites on Etsy and I surely will keep an eye on her Instagram!
    My favourite piece is the lovely MORGAN's wool cardigan. :)

  7. i love the vintage flower backpack! such a lovely shop here!

  8. This item is my favorite! http://www.etsy.com/listing/157686622/vintage-80s-shimmery-emerald-maxi-skirt?ref=shop_home_active

  9. I must give it a try, I'm in need of a good backpack for school, and I really like the 'Vintage flower tapestry backpack in green, purple and blue'. So, fingers crossed!
    And thank you for the opportunity!

  10. gosh, i love this giveaway! Hope i'm lucky,cuz i think i'm in love with this little dress! http://www.etsy.com/listing/155728914/vintage-little-floral-dress-in-cornsilk?ref=shop_home_active

  11. I'd love to get these for my new flat:
    "Vintage pair of white lace ruffled pillow cases"

  12. Oh i´m totally in love with the Vintage floral bow scarf. It has the perfect faded colours!

  13. What a lovely shop! There are a lot of fantastic items, but I feel in love with the Vintage pale pink lace HUIT PARIS bustier bullet bra and Vintage white lace bustier one. And a fantastic blog you've got here too!
    Take care xx

  14. hey there! i love 'Vintage 50s MORGAN's cableknit and moss stitch wool cardigan with wood buttons' - such a comfy thing for the wintertime!
    gardenbooklover on instagram.

  15. I just love the vintage flower tapestry backpack, it looks like a time travel backpack, and fits completely with these time of flowers everywhere!!

    @ohlovelly on Instagram.

  16. I love the vintage pale pink creased granny shorts! This is such a gorgeous giveaway xx


  17. I love the 'Vintage flower tapestry backpack', I've been wanting one of these bags for ages, it's beautiful. I hope i'm lucky in the give away, thank you for the opportunity!

    Charlotte x


  18. I love the 80s slinky and crinkled off-white sheer nightgown with lace. It looks so pretty and dreamy!

  19. Hard to decide (such a lovely store!), but I can't say no to vintage pink so it'd have to be the "Vintage 60s ALGO-ETTES pale pink chiffon dress with slant pleats and belt" so lovely! Thanks Christina and Courtney :)

  20. following u on gfc as jen j
    folling on instagram as jenn897
    this is fave item

  21. It was tricky to choose, but I love the MORGAN's cardigan :)

  22. lovely shop! Thanks for the giveaway!
    My fav one is the Vintage ivory asymmetry dress. Loved its fabric and style!

    Good luck to everyone!

  23. Wow great giveaway! great shop!
    It's really hard to choose just one. Love the floral backpack, the pair of illustrations and the lace gloves.
    Fingers crossing!

  24. What a lovely give away & Courtney's instagram is magical!

    It's difficult to pick a favourite item from Confectionery Vintage, each one is a treasure, but I think I like the "80s slinky and crinkled off-white sheer nightgown with lace" best.

    Good luck everyone ^^

  25. I adore the pink AlgoEttes dress! It is so flowy and beautiful.

    I follow you blog and I followed on Instagram too!