Rome through my phone

2 February 2015

Hello everyone! Finally a weekend to sit and relax after weeks..! The previous weekend I traveled with my sister to Rome! I was there same month last year, but I needed some days off and she wanted so much to go, so why not! It was rather a quick decision but our days were full of sightseeing and walking. And when it comes to tourist walking, fashion booties are not made to walk centuries old alleys of cobble stones, that's for sure. We rent bicycles, the weather was sunny and we had such a great time! All photos through my iPhone - yes I still don't have a camera.


  1. oh so lovely! i am dreaming of Rome now. also, your trench coat is to. die. for.

  2. This is some awesome photos Christina.. Iphones work wonders lol.. I'm using mine while i'm on vacation as well.

  3. Your iphone photos look incredibly good! You really honoured Rome as you travel in style - come on, look at that lovely coat of yours! Cobble stone = the fear! I'd love to visit Rome; I only visited a little bit of the North of Italy but that country needs more of me there. Anyway... Yes, I've just moved to Dublin, it's all so recent and breaking news sort of thing... Big changes, big decisions, paperwork, a lot of struggling after house hunting and job seeking... I hope it all goes well, I haven't posted much about it because I still feel a bit unsure if I'm gonna make it (Nancy, the eternal pessimist) but I will :) Weather's shit obviously, I already miss Portuguese food and my parents but oh well... Changes and choices. I look forward to more travel pics/posts in your blog! xx

  4. Sandra Molina Garcia3 March 2015 at 21:26


    I love Rome :)
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