Lovely Type | 01

21 October 2012

I've been thinking of having a typefaces column for a while because I find so many lovely fonts I'd love to share with you (especially the free ones)! I know I've already made some font posts but let's take this one as a first!

This week's Lovely Type is the font family AW Conqueror. Usually in a font download, you get one serif/san-serif/etc family with various weights and styles but AW Conqueror includes five styles, Didot Light, Sans Light, Inline Regular, Slab Light and Carved (which I haven't included here because I downloaded it after I made the post!). You can get it for free on the above link!


  1. Love these fonts, so nice!!! You have an ADORABLE blog (of course you are a Web designer!!), and plus I ''met'' you in the nice photos of Lorelay!! Girl you are gorgeous!!!! Already following you, I am sure I will learn many things from you!!!
    You have a bird in your blog header...I am a fish!!!
    Kisses, Vanda....a fish called vanda!

  2. Hi Christina!

    Hope your weekend is off to a good start :)

    I was just wondering if you got my email I sent you recently?

    Love your blog by the way!