Latest design work!

2 April 2013

Babbykatta is a photography blog by Katarina Tubio, speciallizing on babies and kids! She wanted something minimal and beautiful so here we are! I also made the blog's logo and you can see below three versions of it! Check the whole blog here!

Gilded Butterflies:
This one I just loved how it came out! Gilded Butterflies is a personal blog ran by Valeria, and as you can see the vintage/dreamy feel is evident! I made the header using the Bookeyed Suzanne font, a dreamy background I found on tumblr, some cute hand-drawn social icons and that typewriter font (via Google Webfonts) I can't get enough of! Did you see the tiny skeleton key with the ribbon in the bottom?! ♥


  1. Suuuch beautiful designs, you have such a great eye!

  2. Oh my :) It's such a nice surprise to see my little blog featured on your blog 1 Then again, you did an AMAZING job with it :) Whenever I open the page and your design comes up a big smile appears on my face :) I'm super happy it it ♥


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