Datter Industries

30 January 2014

Datter Industries is a project by illustrator Kaye Blegvad to create subtle, narrative jewellery. I just love the not so clean - handmade look and the mystic/occult/dark vibe, it's just perfect for me.
In Kaye's words: "Datter is my endeavour to turn drawings and ideas into jewellery. I like my work to show signs of being handmade - nothing too clean or too perfect. The process is part of the product. I draw my inspiration from all over the place - ancient artefacts, talismans, ritual, the occult, weaponry, and the natural world."
Wish I could own them all!


  1. love how youve layered them :-) x

  2. I looove Datter. I have a ring from Kaye, but I'm hoping to add more pieces to my collection soon! Also, have you seen her ceramics?!

  3. These items of jewellery are simply beautiful!
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  4. How lovely and beautiful are

  5. These are absolutely gorgeous. I agree, I wish I could own them all!