Accesorize & Monsoon Spring collection + press event!

14 March 2013

I've already told you how I was invited with other blogger friends, to take a look at the new collection of Accesorize and Monsoon! Joanna and Dimitra, the managers that organised all this were so kind and amazing with us and we had fun taking photos and trying on various accesories!  (Don't you just love this laser cut lace clutch?! I surely did!)

We were given the catalogues for the new collection that contains 5 different styles, Bloom, Debutante, Eden, Geisha and Indigo. It's Monsoon's 40 years anniversary so there are many India isnpired elements in the accesories (Monsoon had it's first collection inspired from India & Bollywood and it was first photoshooted there as well)!

When we were done checking the new collection, we were told to choose our favourite piece and we'd take it as a gift! Despite the huge variety of amazing accesories and shiny bling-blings that I loved, I really wanted a backpack! I had been eyeing the patterned (floral/aztec/stripes) ones since they came out, but in the end, I chose the one in the photo above that fits all seasons and all outfits and is made of such a soft leather-like fabric!
(This is the best I could do in taking some photos with it, the lighting in my room is awful. Really.)

A big thanks to the lovely girls from Accesorize Greece, it was lovely!


  1. I've always had a soft spot for their collections, lovely!

  2. this all looks so pretty! I will definitely be checking out their spring collection soon! <3 xx

  3. It all looks so sparkly,glittery and incredibly pretty ! I adore the backpack you chose :)

  4. these pieces are absolutely gorgeous! now following, loving your blog and the layout :)