Snapshots from July

29 July 2014

Hey there! July just passed so quickly and thank god the sea is so close to where I live! An 1-hour trip and you get to turquoise water beaches sourrounded by rocks, trees and mountains in the distance, I swore a little that I didn't have any better camera than my phone! This summer I don't think I'll go anywhere particular for vacation, as me and my boyfriend will have a leave from work on different dates, but we plan on going camping each weekend!


That lovely tote is a gift I got from a sweet girl I still haven't met and the last photo is from my boyfriend's band's studio. What about you? Any special vacation planned?!


  1. yay i'm so in love with your bag! where is it from?
    i'm glad you had such lovely time lately.

  2. Such nice shots! It looks like you're having a beautiful summer. :)

  3. It was a gift, the print is from charleskinbote but I don't know if the girl that sent it to me bought the bag like this or printed it herself!

  4. No special vacations planned. Although, I may just end up going on a spur of the moment trip to LA... because you know, why not? Nothing set in stone yet.

  5. Anne's Cake Party31 July 2014 at 10:37

    τι ωραιες <3 να περασεις ομορφα ο,τι κι αν κανεις :)