you feel like the sea

21 February 2010

There are times that you hold me and i feel like it's surrounding me.
Had it been real water I would probably drown - because I want to sink in it, you, your love.
I want to go deeper and deeper, let it fill my lungs, every cell in me.
It's everywhere, in and out of me.
It's vast and it's all for me - my own personal sea of love reflecting the sun.

photo from here


WIN this amazing giveaway!!

15 February 2010

Amazing blogger Caroline is making this SUPER DUPER competition! You get to win one of 14 full looks with amazing clothes,jackets shoes & accessories!! Really,I couldn't be more excited about a competition!!

I hope I would win this look because it's exactly my style and I'd be trying to find pieces like those for so long... In my country we don't have very nice stores,except for H&M,and if you want to buy things like that you have to pay pretty much... And now that I'm studying in another city it's very difficult for me to save money,not even a little...! My opinion about fashion is that one has to have their one style.For example,buying designer clothes etc, doesn't make someone stylish if he/she doesn't have a sense in it.
Anyway,sorry for the long talk!

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don't forget to breathe

5 February 2010

is called the tumblr of a talented photographer
I found in flickr named "mum,I'm gay!"
and you can see it here.