a bit late: Headers for Anne's Cake Party and Avenue M!

27 March 2012

It's been some months since I finished the headers for these two lovely giveaway winners, but somehow I totally forgot to share it with you!
Anne's Cake Party header: Simon Script font, sequin brushes from Pugly Pixel, and cake vector image via Google. Avenue M header: Roses vector image via Deviantart and Carolyna Pro Black font.  

Both girls were great to work with! As for me, I'm pretty finished with my website, I still think it needs to look more professional but it always ends up looking more "me"..! 
  Be sure to check:
The new photo templates by pugly pixel here,
Nadinoo's Blossom and Thistle dress,
Hannah's amazing shop entries (the photos are wonderful too!)


pieces of magic

19 March 2012

I've been gathering fallen leaves and tiny drawings of other people. The sun has been shining all day long and the warmth gets me thinking of picnics and trips to the forest. I've also been dreaming too much of the English countryside and the painfully beautiful little houses,cottages or castles that seem to have come out of a story book. The pen pal group is going really well and I'm so happy about it! I can't wait to buy beautiful envelopes and fill them with letters, poems and tiny silver stars.

pieces of magic
  • a closed wardrobe with forgotten winter coats hiding a magic world 
  • a dusty attic filled with memories 
  • a train to an unknown place 
  • carols 
  • chiming bells 
  • fairy lights 
  • glitter 
  • glitter globes 
  • golden compass 
  • icy fingers and inked knees 
  • letter sent to strangers 
  • lost keys 
  • music boxes
  • paper snowflakes and cotton clouds
  • silver locket
  • telescope
  • the Heart of the ocean
  • the inside of shells
  • wind chimes tickling with the breeze
  • windows wide opened in a starry night
(via thesleepingfawn)

{ Style Favourites }

13 March 2012

all images via mint lace.


Lost Letters: a pen pal group!

8 March 2012

Hello there! I've had this thought for a long time and thought that it was about time to create a group where all girls could enter and choose anyone they want to be pen pals!! I saw there was a lot of responses in tumblr about it so I made a little blog that will function as a group!
Members can make one post with all the info they want to share and from then on, if you think you've found someone grab their address (or contact them to get it) and start writing

If you have a tumblr account give me your email and I' add you as a member! I f you don't, email me the post you'd like to make and I'll post it for you! 

For more information visit the group: Lost Letters!


to be adored - SS 2012

5 March 2012

I saw the new lookbook of tba(to be adored) for summer and it's surely adorable! There's some retro feeling in all of the pieces and looking at the photos already made me think of summer and spring! You can see more on their site!


Magpie Fonts!

2 March 2012

Totally loved the new line of fonts from Magpie Paperworks! The designer's handwriting is so great and the shop is so full of nice invitations, stationary and more!