New room, ballet, books
and dead flowers

27 April 2013

So, as you can see I can finally show you my room! I don't see it as 100% finished yet, but most of it is done! My favourite spots - pretty obvious - are the wall above my bed and my desk with the lovely shelf above. And the fairy lights, at night I light some candles and switch them on and it's oh so beautiful!

As for ballet, call me stupid but I wear my shoes and leotard in my room and try to do stuff. Looks stupid but make believe feels always nice! This dryed bouquet was given to me by my boyfriend this last November. It was the first aniversary we spent apart and it felt sad but we made it up to each other the next month.

Lately I've been too busy with blog designs, and bought new books and I just love to have a pile in my bookcase waiting to be read!

Recent design work!

20 April 2013

This month has been rather busy (thank goodness)! The first blog design is for Katta Tubio's photography blog and the second for fashion+personal blog Harbour Master! I loved how the header images turned out in both blogs!

This one below is still on sample-mode because the lovely owner hasn't started blogging yet, but it's the latest wordpress blog I made in a lot of time so I wanted to share it with you! I especially loved the fixed navigation bar! View it here.

Worn / Warm day out!

7 April 2013

What a warm day it was, at last got to wear my ballerinas without any hosiery (and my mum's denim jacket)! The city centre was so crouded you couldn't find an empty cafe..! (Excuse the shity colors, I got my compact camera and it sucks.)

Latest design work!

2 April 2013

Babbykatta is a photography blog by Katarina Tubio, speciallizing on babies and kids! She wanted something minimal and beautiful so here we are! I also made the blog's logo and you can see below three versions of it! Check the whole blog here!

Gilded Butterflies:
This one I just loved how it came out! Gilded Butterflies is a personal blog ran by Valeria, and as you can see the vintage/dreamy feel is evident! I made the header using the Bookeyed Suzanne font, a dreamy background I found on tumblr, some cute hand-drawn social icons and that typewriter font (via Google Webfonts) I can't get enough of! Did you see the tiny skeleton key with the ribbon in the bottom?! ♥