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30 November 2013

Winter is here!
As you can see I could choose only a few, it's lovely that we can take a pick into other people's life, especially when they have so beautiful photos! You can follow me here. And stay tuned, I'm arranging a giveway soon!

Crafty Sunday: Wooden jewellery box!

17 November 2013

I had this wooden box on my drawer for so long, it was a green color I really didn't like and I knew I had to fix it sometime. I got two acrylic colors, an emerald and a white one, put only a little of the emerald and I got this mint color that I adore! The light wasn't really good so in some photos it looks light blue. I thought of  adding some flowers with decoupage but I had tried it on another box and it didn't turn out well so instead I added many tiny little stars! I love how it turned out, and it's very spacious!

Knitting project: Harry Potter scarf!

13 November 2013

I'm so excited with this scarf, I chose the easiest pattern (just knit) to get it done as soon as possible! I was looking again and again at photos around the web with people wearing Hogwarts scarves and I thought why not?! This way it's warmer and longer than the ones sold on ebay/amazon! The pattern says that the scarf is supposed to end with the crimson color on both sides but I didn't have enough yarn to do it this way, so instead I just made the tassels diferent!
* Nerd note: I was actually sorted into Ravenclaw (in Pottermore) but Gryffindor's scarf is more recognisable and has better-matching colors! 

Polyvore favourites 08

5 November 2013

Girly with docs

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Welcome November!

3 November 2013

November is here but it's still 20°C outside here, and I have all my winter clothes waiting in the wardrobe..! Hope this month treats you well! (For the calendar, you know what do to, just right-click and then "Show image in a new tab"!)