DIY cat print tote!

16 December 2014

I have had this DIY in mind since the first time I saw Leah Goren's cat print! It was way easier than I thought it would be, I was pretty sure the first tote would be a failure, and I can't wait to try this with more designs!

What you'll need:
  • blank tote bag
  • polymer clay small package - any color you want (I used the brand Fimo)
    (if you want a bigger stamp you can buy more/bigger polymer clay)
  • tool to shape the clay, I bought this wooden thing for 85 cents, you can use whatever feels better to you, just don't use a craft knife because the clay is soft. (If you're making a stamp out of a harder material you can buy stamp-carving tools from craft stores.)
  • fabric paint
  • brush
  • printed and cut shape for your stamp
  • plastic bag or thick paper
Total cost: 9€ - but you use the paint, tool, brush and stamp more than once.

I googled "cat head silhouette" and found this really small image. I resized it to fit inside the clay's dimensions, printed it and cut it. I haven't took any photos of the stamp-making process because it was really trial-and-error, I hadn't used polymer clay before. Using the tool I pressed downward around the shape, I cut horizontally some parts that were sticking out and like a total amateur, pushed and cut around until I had a good shape of the cat head! I then baked this for about an hour (directions said 30 minutes but mine wasn't done even after 60, but I took it out anyway in fear of burning it).

Next, I used the brush to apply a medium-to-heavy coat of paint of the stamp.

An important thing to note is that you have to put something inside the bag so that the paint doesn't transfer from one side to the other. Not that the paint is runny or anything, I just noticed that in 2-3 of the stamps the paint passed through and it would have stained the back side hadn't I put a plastic bag in between. For the photos I used a paper sheet, you can use paper as well but a regular thin plastic bag  worked better for me.

Now another note when doing the stamping. My stamp's surface wasn't 100% even, I realised this when I tried it on paper and only 1/3 of the cat head got stamped. If you're not an expert or don't use a store-bought stamp you'll probably have the same issue. I didn't want to buy many tools for something I didn't know whether it would work or not and I wouldn't manage to make it absolutely even anyway.

The trick is in putting you other hand under the bag's fabric and under the plastic bag/paper sheet while stamping. I pressed the stamp on the bag with one hand and the bag to the stamp with the other. Did I confuse you yet?! Just use both your hands to make sure that the stamp has touched all of the fabric it's supposed to touch and that it won't leave unpainted parts.

I was thinking how would I achieve that distressed look in my pattern. I saw a tutorial where someone used tights or other fabrics, but guess what! These little cuties turned out perfect right away, I didn't do anything to make them look like that!

Now that I realised how easy that is, I plan on making more totes for Christmas presents! I've had the thought of making tote bags with gold foil or cross-stitching on them, but these are more time-consuming and expensive. For now I'll stick to fabric paint when I want to write or stamp a tote, can't wait to use the gold paint I got!

Feel free to ask about anything that wasn't clear enough or if you need any advice on how to do this! Hope you like it and happy crafting!

December desktop calendar

1 December 2014

Wishing you a lovely December! Christmas is not that far, I'm really looking forward to get into the festive feeling! With this wallpaper I'm so daydreaming of snow, woods, reading fairy tales by the fireplace and listening to Christmas carols! Jut click at the top photo to get the full-size image!
(The beautiful stock photo is by Jay Mantri.)

* Update: There was a typo in the weekdays, the file is now corrected!

Long time no talk!

27 November 2014

Hello everyone! I hate to leave my blog like that, no posts in weeks, but I've targeted my free time on building my personal website! Other designers need almost a year to finish and others just a few months, personally I still have no idea..! It's the usual problem, making something professional enough but also to present your style, and I like so many design styles, I'll probable change my homepage a million times before I'm done!

Anyways, in the meantime check this perfectly decorated home, this amazing ultra-modern clock and these lovely Christmas wrapping printables by my friend Lorelai!

Halloween Wallpaper freebie

21 October 2014

I was always obsessed with Halloween, even if we don't have it in my country! Every year I make a movie list with Tim Burton movies, Hocus Pocus, Addams Family and the rest of the witchy movies (and watch most of them) because I love them and I'd take any excuse to watch them again! As usual, click on the image above to get the full size of the wallpaper! (I didn't draw the bats, they were a freebie on some graphics website)

Worn / Sister coffee date

20 October 2014

Boots: New Look Elmo boots, Asos | Jeans: Pull & Bear | Embroidered shirt: Zara | Duffell bag: Pull & Bear

Hey there! I suppose in other countries Autumn is there for good, but here it's still sunny and most days you don't even need a jacket on! But I can't wait for colder and cloudier days! Today I went for a walk with my sister who wanted to take photos and I was like "at last!" so I chose this beloved shirt which I hadn't really worn much, even though I have imagined many outfits since I bought it..! I also got my new booties from Asos (originally from New Look but Asos sells them as well) this week and I adore them! They have a 5cm heel, enough to make it more stylish but low enough to be comfortable for everyday! Oh, and my moon & star necklace is an everyday-wear now, you know, Halloween is close and I try to be witchy..!

October desktop calendar

3 October 2014

Hey there! I skipped making a calendar for 1-2 months, and I was really looking forward to a more autumn-y one! The photo is not mine, it's a freebie stock photo from Graphic Burger. Hope you're all doing well, I'm at last done with my internship and planning to fix this blog a little, post more often and be more creative in general! Click on the photo below to get the full size!

Weekend mornings

21 September 2014

These weekend was full relaxation, no exams reading, no work waiting to be done either. I spend more time with my sister and friends, read my book, watched 3 Harry Potter movies in a row and spend a lot of time on creativity inspiration. My cell phone broke on Tuesday so no instagram for a while, thankfully my old camera still works!

I chose the giveaway winner last night and it is Greta Forino (as you can see in the Rafflecopter widget)! Congratulations on the winner and thank you all for entering!

Modern jewellery giveaway by Trejjr

14 September 2014

Hello there! I finally got to host a giveaway sponsored by Trejjr, an etsy shop by the lovely Natalya who creates stylish modern jewellery! I love minimal jewellery, especially when there are crystals involved, it's a witchy thing. Natalya will be giving away the Crescent moon necklace, a personal favorite, to one lucky winner! Use the options below to gain many entries and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Birthday gifts!

8 September 2014

Hey there!I really should put some more effort in my posts..! Between work and exam studying the only time I had was the weekend, it's weird how on the one hand I want to have a job on my proffesion but on the other hand I'm so eager for my internship to end because it's so tiresome. Anyway! On August 31st I had my birthday and was so excited with the gifts I got!

My boyfriend got me this new old Polaoid 600 camera (old because it's made in the 80s, new because it's never been used) plus 2 packs of film from Impossible Project! I was always eyeing the Fuji Instax because it's more affordable and has cheaper film but he wanted to get me "the real deal" so yeap, I'm super excited to try it!

The knitted clutch/book-cover (especially handy when you want to carry a book in your bag but dread ruining the cover and pages) is from my best friend, who knits perfect things with her mother and the lovely pink-nude heels from my sister! It's a pity they're more spring/summer-y and it's already September but I'll try to wear them as long as it's not too cold! (and maybe try them with tights to see how they look..!)

Interior inspiration

24 August 2014

One can't stop daydreaming about their own home, right?!
(all images via pinterest)

A short trip to Athens

22 August 2014

On Monday I traveled to Athens for 3 days to visit my dad and we did a little tourism on a few sights I hadn't seen, the new museum of Acropolis and the National Gardens. I think if I lived there I'd probably visit the Garden all the time, it's not huge but we don't have many similar places here so it's good enough for me! Next day my friend Athena walked me around some places I had seen before and some I hadn't, and took some photos with my awful camera.

Some silly notes: I dyed my hair really dark - the sun and sea fade hair color so quickly so I went darker to last more months, and it's a little weird still, I hadn't had black hair since 2009! You see me wearing my Jelly shoes? Wrongest decision ever! With all the walking around I did, 5 hours later I ended up limping and it took one day for the pain to go away! (I still got blisters)