fashion inspiration

27 August 2013

It's this season again when I can't decide if I want to look at summer or autumn outfits! To tell the truth I'm more looking forward to autumn and colder weather because right now it's too hot to dress however you want, and whenever I'm going shopping I have in mind that summer is over. I can't wait to wear my ankle boots, sweaters, trousers and leather jacket! (photos from my fashion tumbr and pinterest.)

An attempt on calligraphy!

21 August 2013

 I've been wanting so bad to learn calligraphy for years! My best friend bought me a starter's kit and I've tried multiple times since then but I don't know if I'm lacking the skill or the right nibs..! Online workshops are a little on the expensive side for me, so I'll just try it on my own!

New design work!

20 August 2013

It's been a while since I posted some of my latest work, I usually just add them in my portfolio! All these months I've worked with many lovely girls but I didn't took the time to post about them all.

So this one here is what I did for Poppy & Ollie, a lovely new blog (that needs some followers for sure!), run by Isabella! I just love this font I used for the header, it's called Janda Stylish Script and it's free! (The navigation bar links will be added soon now!)

The second one for today is Influence, a fashion & lifestyle blog run by the sweetest Stephanie! I'm sure you can tell the colors and general style are exactly my type! I especially loved the header with the little watercolor flowers and the post divider, which is something I don't know why I don't use more frequently since it's really cute!

Meet a new affiliate: Lalamagic!

13 August 2013

I became an affiliate with LalaMagic some weeks ago but didn't have the time to post about that lovely shop until now! They're clothing is so sweet and vintage-y, a style I love even though sometimes it makes me look like a 18-year-old...! These photos are a mix of their summer and autumn collection, so I don't know which of these items are still on the shop..! Their Free Worldwide Shipping plus the 10% discount (valid until August 26th) they offered especially for my readers is really tempting! (Just remember to visit the website via the button on my sidebar!)

Instagram picks

7 August 2013

Newbie as I am, I'm browsing instagram for hours every day, finding amazing photos and inspiring people to follow. I love these colours in photos and can't wait for VSCO to be released for android so that I can get rid of these awful effects instagram has - which I end up using anyway, though I tend to edit my photos in another app and upload them afterwards without adding any effects. Here are some of my favourites lately! Click on each image for source!