Weekend mornings

21 September 2014

These weekend was full relaxation, no exams reading, no work waiting to be done either. I spend more time with my sister and friends, read my book, watched 3 Harry Potter movies in a row and spend a lot of time on creativity inspiration. My cell phone broke on Tuesday so no instagram for a while, thankfully my old camera still works!

I chose the giveaway winner last night and it is Greta Forino (as you can see in the Rafflecopter widget)! Congratulations on the winner and thank you all for entering!

Modern jewellery giveaway by Trejjr

14 September 2014

Hello there! I finally got to host a giveaway sponsored by Trejjr, an etsy shop by the lovely Natalya who creates stylish modern jewellery! I love minimal jewellery, especially when there are crystals involved, it's a witchy thing. Natalya will be giving away the Crescent moon necklace, a personal favorite, to one lucky winner! Use the options below to gain many entries and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Birthday gifts!

8 September 2014

Hey there!I really should put some more effort in my posts..! Between work and exam studying the only time I had was the weekend, it's weird how on the one hand I want to have a job on my proffesion but on the other hand I'm so eager for my internship to end because it's so tiresome. Anyway! On August 31st I had my birthday and was so excited with the gifts I got!

My boyfriend got me this new old Polaoid 600 camera (old because it's made in the 80s, new because it's never been used) plus 2 packs of film from Impossible Project! I was always eyeing the Fuji Instax because it's more affordable and has cheaper film but he wanted to get me "the real deal" so yeap, I'm super excited to try it!

The knitted clutch/book-cover (especially handy when you want to carry a book in your bag but dread ruining the cover and pages) is from my best friend, who knits perfect things with her mother and the lovely pink-nude heels from my sister! It's a pity they're more spring/summer-y and it's already September but I'll try to wear them as long as it's not too cold! (and maybe try them with tights to see how they look..!)