Knitted beauties by Petit Tricot

12 December 2011

Petit Tricot is a new blog (whose design I made some months ago!) featuring knitted accessories and clothes made by the knitting expert miss Glykeria! Everything on her blog is for sale and you can also ask for custom orders! Capes, purses and clutches, cardigans, skirts, baby apparel, scarfs/neck warmers, and neckties are some of the available products and I'm sure there'll be more soon! I especially loved the pleated skirt, the cape and the clutches!


For more photos, products and information head over to Petit Tricot and don't hesitate to ask for more info on shapes, colors and prices!!



new look for Le Noeud Rose!

9 December 2011

Le Noeud Rose is my best friend's blog and even if her blog is still young she really loves it! So today I was in  a creative mood and tweaked her layout a little! A new header & new navigation bar  with beautiful fonts and of course a new profile photo in colors matching the background! This dress is so wonderful I couldn't resist!!


December desktop calendar

6 December 2011

I know the image isn't of the best quality but it was the only one I found in big resolution!
My late obsession with castles is obvious I guess! :P
{ feel free to share! }


"I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently?"

2 December 2011

December is here and I've been dreaming of Christmas for weeks... Hope it will snow this year! I've been reading short stories and magic little poems, drinking lots of tea (caught a cold!) and I've been willing to take some photos and make a December calendar to share with you! I'm also goIng to make a christmas list for presents and draw some cards for friends and family!

This christmas holidays I plan on reading some Narnia (it's always in the christmas mood!), watch winter children's movies and keep being obsessed with photos of
fairy tale British villages, castles and gardens!


title quote by Lewis Carrol    


15 November 2011



november words, books
& all the magic between

7 November 2011

I've been lost for a while, trying to work things out in university and other annoying stuff but I'm so excited with buying books lately! (thanks to Waterstones Marketplace , they have great prices!). Today I got in my mail The Mysterious Benedict Society (illustrated by Carson Ellis ♥) and St Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves and don't know which one to start first! Some weeks before, I bought The Graveyard Book which was really cool, very Tim Burton-esque and The Book of Lost Things which has become one of my favourite books ever...!

The teeth of November bite my fingers and the cold air gathers in my lungs
until it turns to snow. The trees shape their branches to make a nest for me.
All I can wish for is a forest friend. There is an apple tree that grows white
apples in winter - I may turn to a Winter creature if I eat one,
and tranfer to Winterland. But I've never seen anyone come back from that land.

Quotes part 1

11 October 2011


Quotes by C.S. Lewis, Jodi Picoult,  Marina Tsvetaeva / photo by Vanessa


September Favorites

8 October 2011

Link love:

                                     •  Bits, bobs & beats'  wishlists  
                                     •  This caramel & appla cake recipe  
                                     •  This & this art print,  I'll find a place for these  on my kitchen wall!
                                        (Society6: an endless source of art prints!)
                                     •  This fox hat - I would love to wear it even if I'm not 5 years old!


Rachel Antonoff Spring 2012: Minnie Mouse & Wednesday Addams

25 September 2011

I found the article about Rachel Antonoff's collection in NYFW through modaCycleHabitually Chic and I was instanlty attracted to the designs, the artwork, the hair and the whole mood. She claims her inspiration was Minnie Mouse fused with Wednesday Addams - she'd had me at this line!! These charecters may be tottally irrelevant but Antonoff managed to work the magic! When asked to describe a typical night in the Antonoff Manor,  fully illustrated by Alia Penner, she easily exclaimed “well, they’re getting ready to murder off their pets and they’re preparing their pet cemetery. I think they’re being really creepy in there.” Looking shy and innocent? I don't think so! Besides the whole idea behind the collection I think it is an amazing way to show off a collection instead of catwalk - more affordable for the designers, more creative for us! 

"Bold. Enchanting. Utterly haunting!"

                * I know the navigation and netwrork links on the sidebar don't work,
                   I will fix it as soon as I get my laptop back!