pop pop style art

26 March 2011

I've seen Helena's drawing work around the web and I've loved it since the first time! She usually draws stylish girls,I guess most times inspired by streetstyle photos. She also takes custom orders,surely something to think about!

For more of her art visit her etsy and her blog for extra stories on each drawing!


25 March 2011

She wore blue velvet

13 March 2011

Yesterday my best friend and I went for a kind of photoshoot,basically in order to show her new creations: the blue velvet cape I'm wearing and  the Alice-inspired hearts skirt that Helene is wearing!!  The cape is on sale, so hurry up (the first cape she made was gone in minutes!) and head to Le Noued Rose for more details!

The weather was pretty windy and at that time it was starting to getting cold but luckily,the sun was still shining! Oh,and I forgot to mention that I'm a redhead too now!! I dyed my hair the previous weekend and most comments and I love the color so much!