Halloween Wallpaper freebie

21 October 2014

I was always obsessed with Halloween, even if we don't have it in my country! Every year I make a movie list with Tim Burton movies, Hocus Pocus, Addams Family and the rest of the witchy movies (and watch most of them) because I love them and I'd take any excuse to watch them again! As usual, click on the image above to get the full size of the wallpaper! (I didn't draw the bats, they were a freebie on some graphics website)

Worn / Sister coffee date

20 October 2014

Boots: New Look Elmo boots, Asos | Jeans: Pull & Bear | Embroidered shirt: Zara | Duffell bag: Pull & Bear

Hey there! I suppose in other countries Autumn is there for good, but here it's still sunny and most days you don't even need a jacket on! But I can't wait for colder and cloudier days! Today I went for a walk with my sister who wanted to take photos and I was like "at last!" so I chose this beloved shirt which I hadn't really worn much, even though I have imagined many outfits since I bought it..! I also got my new booties from Asos (originally from New Look but Asos sells them as well) this week and I adore them! They have a 5cm heel, enough to make it more stylish but low enough to be comfortable for everyday! Oh, and my moon & star necklace is an everyday-wear now, you know, Halloween is close and I try to be witchy..!

October desktop calendar

3 October 2014

Hey there! I skipped making a calendar for 1-2 months, and I was really looking forward to a more autumn-y one! The photo is not mine, it's a freebie stock photo from Graphic Burger. Hope you're all doing well, I'm at last done with my internship and planning to fix this blog a little, post more often and be more creative in general! Click on the photo below to get the full size!