15 November 2011



november words, books
& all the magic between

7 November 2011

I've been lost for a while, trying to work things out in university and other annoying stuff but I'm so excited with buying books lately! (thanks to Waterstones Marketplace , they have great prices!). Today I got in my mail The Mysterious Benedict Society (illustrated by Carson Ellis ♥) and St Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves and don't know which one to start first! Some weeks before, I bought The Graveyard Book which was really cool, very Tim Burton-esque and The Book of Lost Things which has become one of my favourite books ever...!

The teeth of November bite my fingers and the cold air gathers in my lungs
until it turns to snow. The trees shape their branches to make a nest for me.
All I can wish for is a forest friend. There is an apple tree that grows white
apples in winter - I may turn to a Winter creature if I eat one,
and tranfer to Winterland. But I've never seen anyone come back from that land.