Spring is coming - some new things!

28 February 2013

I just got my new bag (bought from Ebay) and I'm really excited, it's lovely! Weeks ago I bought a pair of sunglasses and yesterday I got a letter from a penpal! I also started The Mystery of Edwin Drood and I have to admit Dickens is not for light reading, but I love a more difficult book once in a while! (The Zorki camera is not new but I'm gonna give her another chance because I've only tried it once!)

New blog layouts!

21 February 2013

First of is the layout I made for the blog of 'The Paraders' online vintage shop, owned by Rachael Hammon. It's a minimal design with a slight vintage touch in the sidebar font! I especially loved the header image links of the blog's categories! Visit the blog!

And second, the layout I made for the personal blog 'Bowie Bowie' (previously 'Battlecries & Champagne'), owned by Bonnie! This one is pretty minimal as well, with a quite wide main qolumn and a lovely typewriter font used in various places. Visit the blog here!

Outfit Inspiration

17 February 2013

Images via my fashion tumblr.

2013 Calendar printable!

Hey there!! I got some really nice freebies today - and lots of free time - and thought why not make a printable yearly calendar?! I played with various scrapbook/journal images and here's the result! I love the vintage journal feeling! You can download the pdf file here, print it and put it on your wall!