20 December 2010

I wish all bad feelings will melt away with the snow.
It froze the flowers,the trees,the birds.It froze my heart.
I hope the Snow Queen will release me, let me go back to my sunshine.
Shattered words,shattered thoughts,most things are blurry; I am blurry.
I live by the sun. 

Christmas Headband!

4 December 2010


I found this beautiful headband while browsing Etsy and I'm gonna try make it!
I think maybe in both silver and gold! I think it look perfect!

(inspired by)

There is a day that never dies

30 October 2010

Don’t ask why a wanderer wanders
I for one,have too many worlds to explore
too many stories,too many dreams,too many words.
I’d like to share them with you but I don’t know if I can.

That’s why my little one,you can’t ask why I wander,why my mind wanders…
There are too many things I need to learn,too many things to create.
Things to give,things to be,things to hear and things to see.


"I will take her to the moon,and she shall live with me there, and only me"

23 September 2010

" [...] But you can't get her there; there is no road to the moon: it is all air; and neither you nor she can fly." 

"Adele, look at that field." We were now outside Thornfield gates, and bowling lightly along the smooth road to Millcote, where the dust was well laid by the thunderstorm, and, where the low hedges and lofty timber trees on each side glistened green and rain- refreshed. 

"In that field, Adele, I was walking late one evening about a fortnight since--the evening of the day you helped me to make hay in the orchard meadows; and, as I was tired with raking swaths, I sat down to rest me on a stile; and there I took out a little book and a pencil, and began to write about a misfortune that befell me long ago, and a wish I had for happy days to come: I was writing away very fast, though daylight was fading from the leaf, when something came up the path and stopped two yards off me. I looked at it. It was a little thing with a veil of gossamer on its head. I beckoned it to come near me; it stood soon at my knee. I never spoke to it, and it never spoke to me, in words; but I read its eyes, and it read mine; and our speechless colloquy was to this effect - 

"It was a fairy, and come from Elf-land, it said; and its errand was to make me happy: I must go with it out of the common world to a lonely place--such as the moon, for instance--and it nodded its head towards her horn, rising over Hay-hill: it told me of the alabaster cave and silver vale where we might live. I said I should like to go; but reminded it, as you did me, that I had no wings to fly. 

"'Oh,' returned the fairy, 'that does not signify! Here is a talisman will remove all difficulties;' and she held out a pretty gold ring. 'Put it,' she said, 'on the fourth finger of my left hand, and I am yours, and you are mine; and we shall leave earth, and make our own heaven yonder.' She nodded again at the moon. The ring, Adele, is in my breeches-pocket, under the disguise of a sovereign: but I mean soon to change it to a ring again." 

"But what has mademoiselle to do with it? I don't care for the fairy: you said it was mademoiselle you would take to the moon?" 

"Mademoiselle is a fairy," he said, whispering mysteriously.

Mr Rochester for Jane, Jane Eyre, Chapter 24


Liv Tyler for LOVE magazine

31 August 2010

At last I have the scans!! She's perfect as always!

Beautiful Cecile

28 August 2010

from Lula magazine

I can do nothing but dream of you.

20 August 2010

photos not mine,check tumblr


the witches' night

"It was a still afternoon--the golden light was lingering languidly among the upper boughs,
only glancing down here and there on the purple pathway and its edge of faintly sprinkled
moss: an afternoon in which destiny disguises her cold awful face behind a hazy radiant
veil, encloses us in warm downy wings, and poisons us with violet-scented breath."
George Eliot,Adam Bede

". . . the moon gazed on my midnight labours, while, with unrelaxed and breathless
eagerness, I pursued nature to her hiding-places." Mary Shelley,Frankenstein

images not mine,grabbed them from my tumblr


Red-haired Alice & Me

12 August 2010

These were taken with my digital camera,there are some more taken with Helene's analogic!