Datter Industries

30 January 2014

Datter Industries is a project by illustrator Kaye Blegvad to create subtle, narrative jewellery. I just love the not so clean - handmade look and the mystic/occult/dark vibe, it's just perfect for me.
In Kaye's words: "Datter is my endeavour to turn drawings and ideas into jewellery. I like my work to show signs of being handmade - nothing too clean or too perfect. The process is part of the product. I draw my inspiration from all over the place - ancient artefacts, talismans, ritual, the occult, weaponry, and the natural world."
Wish I could own them all!

A Harry Potter inspired giveaway!

25 January 2014

After my post about some etsy favorites I contacted Chiara who creates these amazing notebooks and she agreed to offer a 25€ coupon to one winner! The nerd in me would feel so awesome carrying around these super original notebooks inspired by Harry Potter lessons! They also come as a 2014 planner (instead of empty lined pages) which makes it even more tempting!

  • To enter just visit the shop and leave a comment telling what you'd choose!
  • For extra entries share the giveaway on facebook/twitter/tumblr/pinterest and leave a separate comment for each!
The giveaway will be open until Friday 31/01!

The winner of the giveaway is Eva! Congratulations!
You'll receive an email with the coupon!

2 days in Rome

As I told you in a previous post, the past weekend I took a short trip to Rome with my boyfriend! It was rather short for a city so full of sights, but I don't complain! The main city is so small that we went everywhere on foot! In the end we were too tired to do anything else than lay on the bed dead tired but it was worth it!

Our hotel was in the center and all the sights are minutes away from one another! First on the line was Fontana di Trevi (Trevi Fountain), then the Pantheon (I expected it a little bigger after Illuminati), then to Piazza Navona through the most beautiful little alleys full of small restaurants and flowers (YES I TOTALLY regret not taking photos of houses and alleys, it was too beautiful walking there!).

After a capuccino and a little rest we took the road to the Vatican, which is around 20 minutes on foot. Let me tell you, all their churches and all their fountains are masterpieces of art, there are so many of them that you get used to the beauty as if it's something normal..! The bridges across the river are just wonderful, especially the one leading to Castel Sant'Angelo (remembering the scene in Illuminati again) that has 10 magnificent angel statues each one holding instruments of Christ's Passion, all by Bernini.

And then to Saint Peter's Basilica. No matter how many photos and videos you see you'll never get that feeling of awe until you're in... I didn't take many photos of the inside because I was just looking at everything like hypnotised.

On Sunday, we only had around 4 hours before leaving for the airport, so our sightseeing was cut down to the Colloseum with the Arch of Constantine and seeing the Roman Forum from the Palatino hill (we didn't pay to go inside).

Even if it was only for 2 days, the fact that I was away and alone with my boy after so many months (and 2 years of not being able to take any trips together) made everything pefrect. Sorry for the image heavy post, I suppose you don't mind!!

new booties + preparing for a trip

16 January 2014

I got these boots from Sammydress some days ago and I don't want to wear anything else, I've already paired them with so many outfits in my head..! Hehe a big thanks, they're amazing! Tomorrow I'm taking a small trip to Rome (if you follow me on instagram you probably already know that) and I couldn't be more excited! Since it's only 2 days I won't be taking much with me, and I'm making a list to avoid forgetting anything..!