A gift dress

26 February 2014

Remember the time turner post? I got this lovely dress along with the necklace, gifts from the great guys at dresslily.com! I loved the fact that the neckline kinda resembles a sailor collar (or is it only me???) and I really needed a simple everyday black dress! I've bought from various asian online shops and this dress' quality is just fine, similar to Zara or Asos, not like some pour-fabric-one-layer-9-dollar dresses you get by many asian shops. (Boots from sammydress, cardigan from Pull & Bear.)

*awkward face on*

Back in time

15 February 2014

"I mark the hours, every one, Nor have I yet outrun the Sun.
My use and value, unto you, Are gauged by what you have to do."

Can I be so excited about a piece of jewellery so much? Yes I can! It's not a plain piece of jewellery - even if it's only a cheap replica - but Hermione's time turner from Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban! I've been eyeing this in the Warnes Bros website but I couldn't afford it now, so even if this rusts in 1 month, it's still good enough for me!

Both the dress and necklace I got from dresslily.com who were kind enough to offer me freebies! That dress is just gorgeous, I'll make another post with it soon! 

Worn / Sunny February

13 February 2014

I spent the whole day yesterday with my sister on her day off work. It was so warm as if spring is already here and the harbor was full of people as happens on sunny days. We had coffee, walked all around the center and ate seafood in a small traditional tavern!

I got this denim skirt as a gift from Choies, and I've been meaning to take some photos for days. Love the vintage-y look of it - only wishing it was a little lighter in color but denim lightens with washing anyway!

About those sunglasses, I got them from Modcloth but I never felt bold enough to wear them, they're very retro cat-eye and I imagine they will be better for summer..!

February desktop calendar

5 February 2014

For February I went a little geometric..! You know the drill, click on the image and you'll get the full size!

Worn / Uni exams

4 February 2014

That corner was too shiny, but had a lot of green! I love my tartan skirt (from Brandy Melville), I bought it from Rome because we don't have Brandy here. I lost around 10 photos from VSCOcam which were better than these and some were with my friends, due to low memory in my phone, it was really annoying but there was nothing to do about it. Oh, and 2 exams only to go!