Interior inspiration

24 August 2014

One can't stop daydreaming about their own home, right?!
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A short trip to Athens

22 August 2014

On Monday I traveled to Athens for 3 days to visit my dad and we did a little tourism on a few sights I hadn't seen, the new museum of Acropolis and the National Gardens. I think if I lived there I'd probably visit the Garden all the time, it's not huge but we don't have many similar places here so it's good enough for me! Next day my friend Athena walked me around some places I had seen before and some I hadn't, and took some photos with my awful camera.

Some silly notes: I dyed my hair really dark - the sun and sea fade hair color so quickly so I went darker to last more months, and it's a little weird still, I hadn't had black hair since 2009! You see me wearing my Jelly shoes? Wrongest decision ever! With all the walking around I did, 5 hours later I ended up limping and it took one day for the pain to go away! (I still got blisters)