New layout for Cloud Sailor!

26 February 2012

Yesterday I finished the new layout of the giveaway winner! B  has just install it on her blog so you can take a look here and tell me your opinion!  It's rather minimal but I ended up really loving the colors and the image on the header. A big thanks to B for being so cooperative and knowing what she wants - you made my job so easy! :)

Next week I'll try to finish the headers for the other two winners!
p.s. I made a fashion tumblr!


She wrote love letters underneath the warm sun

23 February 2012

Photos taken with Helene's analog Canon in an old building's garden!  I was rather anxious whether they would look good when we got the film developed, but most of them are so beautiful,I'm in love! There are more photos from this photoset, maybe I'll upload some more soon!


wear a tutu & read a book

22 February 2012

I took these photos of Helene the previous week, and I love how the colors turned out! Especially the last one, it's my favourite from this set! More at Le Noeud Rose!

p.s. Did I mention that I've put on eye glasses?! It's mostly for reading and
computer but doesn't matter, I will wear them in university too!


Giveaway winners!

13 February 2012

The layout winner is:
Cloud Sailor

and the header winners are:
Anne's Cake PartyAvenue M

I will contact the winners some time this or the next week!!


Dress for adventures - polyvore favourites 02

11 February 2012

University exams are finally over and I can read all the books I want, at last! Valentine's is also this week and I plan on buying some gifts and some stuff for a DIY I've been having in a mind for a while! I'm also building my first personal website - you can see the link on the sidebar but it's not ready yet!
Stay tuned,I will announce the giveaway winners until Monday!


Alexa Chung x Superga

3 February 2012

Another collaboration for one of my girl crushes, this time she styles and stars in the new spring campaign for Italian footwear brand Superga (she was the brand's face last year too and the lookbook was wonderful!).


A delicate flower that bloomed in the liquid light of the moon

1 February 2012

"She was rare, a perfect creation, a work of purest art. A delicate flower that bloomed in the liquid light of the moon. A nature not of this world, a personality like that of some biblical maiden, gracious and queenly."

Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man