Snapshots from July

29 July 2014

Hey there! July just passed so quickly and thank god the sea is so close to where I live! An 1-hour trip and you get to turquoise water beaches sourrounded by rocks, trees and mountains in the distance, I swore a little that I didn't have any better camera than my phone! This summer I don't think I'll go anywhere particular for vacation, as me and my boyfriend will have a leave from work on different dates, but we plan on going camping each weekend!


That lovely tote is a gift I got from a sweet girl I still haven't met and the last photo is from my boyfriend's band's studio. What about you? Any special vacation planned?!

Creative inspiration / Noel Shiveley

3 July 2014

Artists so talented like Noel Shiveley make me want to be better at things I like but haven't tried out as much as I should. He's a 22 Year old letterer / designer and you should  follow his instagram!

I'm not really good at drawing but I keep telling myself I should put more time on calligraphy since I'm good at it, (blame it on current job and not having time for myself), and I've been thinking of buying a graphic tablet and try a lot to get better at it! Oh, and I'm constantly eyeing the classes in Skillshare, especially that one by the super-talented Molly Jacques!

July's desktop calendar

1 July 2014

This month's calendar is pretty minimal! I don't know why I haven't used 100% white backgrounds before but it looks pretty fine! As usual, click on the above image and you'll get the full size one!