Lovely Type | 01

21 October 2012

I've been thinking of having a typefaces column for a while because I find so many lovely fonts I'd love to share with you (especially the free ones)! I know I've already made some font posts but let's take this one as a first!

This week's Lovely Type is the font family AW Conqueror. Usually in a font download, you get one serif/san-serif/etc family with various weights and styles but AW Conqueror includes five styles, Didot Light, Sans Light, Inline Regular, Slab Light and Carved (which I haven't included here because I downloaded it after I made the post!). You can get it for free on the above link!

Ava's Tale

20 October 2012

I've been following Marie Hochhaus for a while in flickr and browsing her portfolio, it's only sure that you will get blown away and captivated by her amazing and dreamy photography. Even though it's hard to choose only some of her photos, this last session for Material Girl magazine has got me  thinking these photos could only belong in a storybook. (I wish I knew the story behind it.)

Polyvore favourites 05

6 October 2012

It's already October but it's still kind of warm here so the heaviest piece of clothing you can wear are cardigans or light jackets..! I'm so looking forward to sweater weather though!

Behind the warehouses

1 October 2012

My friend Lorelai from Lorelai's Things, took these wonderful photos of me (and I took hers!) yesterday at the port! It was very hot, despite the fact that it was the last day of September. I got these lace shorts as a present too and I couldn't wait to wear them!!

check the rest of them on flickr!