Quirky ferniture for your home!

26 May 2011

It's called Heima Store and they're based in Phillipines! I love this chair and these bureaux,
they really have something between different styles of decoration designs! I also loved the
art prints,though I have to say that I'd prefer to make something like that myself instead
of spending so much many for something like this...!

"Inspired by the lust for travel, photography, music and design you can say that a Heima
piece is one stubborn work of whimsy. It doesn’t stick out, it stands out. The patterns are,
simply put, colorful springboards on their own. So it’s not just furniture.
It’s a lifestyle we promote."

You can check their whole collection and previous ones (there's even more amazing stuff!) and
even though they are really far (which makes it a bit difficult to buy something!) you can still get
great ideas for your own house!


Little Gracie

25 May 2011

Absolutely love LittleGracie's whimsical designs! They make me think of garden parties & flowers, the summer breeze blowing your hair.. really charming!


Art & Photoshop: From this to that!

8 May 2011

I saw this truly beautiful photoshoot posted by electric and had the idea of turning them into drawings.My first thought was too print them and paint them with watercolors.

  After doing that with Akvis,I corrected them in Photoshop where I got this other idea that turned out to be the last two versions of each photo! I don't know what you think,but I really loved the result!!

for high resolutions visit my flickr!
*old paper texture for background from Knald*


etsy favourites of May

5 May 2011