Recent design work

24 April 2014

It's been months since I shared new work of mine, some of these are pretty old and I had only uploaded them on my portfolio! I finished Paulien's from design today and I just loved the outcome, it is totally my style of design! From left to right and clock-wise: Life Like Lola / Beauty & Ludlow (this one has been changed since I took the screenshot) / Sunkissed Steph / Elation of Creation.  Click on the images to see the full websites!

Free calligraphy print!

23 April 2014

I was playing around with a new pen, trying to fake nib calligraphy, and this one turned out pretty good so I thought why not scan it?! Since I have a little love for gold-foil letters lately, I made a print out of it and I give you both versions, with color background and transparent to print it however you like! Just click on the image to get the full size file!

Links Loved

12 April 2014

1. Filling my fashion Pinterest board with street-style photos by Vanessa Jackman.
2. I'm thinking of buying an ebook and this DIY is lovely!
3. I love Lea Goren's patterns, I'm sure you've seen that cat dress (hers is the original cat print). The scarves are equally pretty and I loved the lookbook! (and the girl's hair color!)
4. Found this link through Miss Moss, Kate Miss' house is just beautiful!

A short trip with the girls!

10 April 2014

Last weekend me and my best friend Helene visited our dear friend Lorelai, who lives in a city 2 hours from ours. Larissa is a big city which surprised me pleasantly as it's more beautiful and more fun than I expected! We had walks by the river and in a lot of parks, through city alleys and had lunch in the most perfect tavern ever!


  check Lorelai's & Helene's instagram!  

April Desktop Calendar

2 April 2014

I was too busy in the beginning of March and instead of making a calendar at the middle of the month I thought I should better wait for the next one, so here you are! I'm a little late again, even if I had the post ready on Draft since March..!