DIY Make your own envelope!

11 April 2012

Hello there!  I've been wanting to make this diy from the first envelope I made, some weeks before, but I didn't have the time..!  As you can see, I did the whole job on the floor of my room, in front of the window because the light was very dim! BelowI have everyhting you will need. Don't choose a thin paper because  I don't think it will make it through the mailing process..! I got mine for 0.80€ per piece of paper! As for the envelope you're going to use as a pattern, I browsed through my old collection of letter sets and chose one I found best. In some photos the lines of the shape don't show clearly, but if you view the full size image I'm sure it'll be clearer!!

I've made 3 or 4 of these envelopes and they look perfect! I'm sure both the recipients of my letters were really excited with them! :)
* If you have trouble thinking how to close/seal the envelope, here's what I did: I folded the top side inside of the envelope and to be sure, I sealed it with a label sticker (like the one above) where I wrote my address! Hope you like it!!


7 April 2012

I went to dance under the falling stars, in the arms of the Wind;
his long black hair all over his face and he swirls me around and around,
in the music of the creatures of the night.

He blows through the leaves and between my hair,
whispering words in my ear, holding me;
he holds his eyes fixed on mine and sees right through me, like I’m made of air too.

{ photo by Robin Mellway }


April Desktop Calendar!

Last night I thought I haven't made a desktop calendar for some months, so here you are!


the Velvet Bird new dresses!

5 April 2012

Vanessa,the owner of Velvet Bird has released her new dresses and they're all so cute! She makes all the  clothing in her shop  herself and I've fallen in love with her  "Lola throws a party" and "Lola sings the blues" dresses from when I first found her blog! Be sure to check her out! ;)