Forget me not.

21 July 2010

Forget me not.
In the hours that your mind is lost,
and the moments that your heart feels torn,
Forget me not.
For I always am here,
talking or not,
still breathing.
always thinking,
I am here.

Forget me not.
Those moments when I feel like a memory,
like a dream,so easy to be forgotten;
and then,if forgotten,not existing.

I think I could vanish in the air..
That if I let myself to him,
he would take me away
and it'd be as if I never existed.
A ghost in memory.
It's you that keep me alive,
forget me not.

Forget me not,
for the sea looks so eager to take me with her,
and the earth is calling me to the most hidden places,
places so magical,no one could ever find.
And no one could ever escape.

Forget me not
and keep me in your heart.
The glass is not broken,nothing will take me away.
For now.

[ photo from the amazinly talented Annette Pehrsson ]



  1. wow! i love how you write! ^^
    so sweet ♥


  2. I really like this post. Your writing is great. :-D

    Rufus ✞

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  3. I just found your blog and it is absolutely stunning. I love the way you write.

  4. my computer is being spastic and i can't see the images, but i absolutely love your words.
    you blog is lovely ♥

  5. the pictures are so poetic.
    amazing is what can describe them.

  6. Beautiful and earnest... simple words make much difference.

    Nice Read

    Blasphemous Aesthete