20 December 2010

I wish all bad feelings will melt away with the snow.
It froze the flowers,the trees,the birds.It froze my heart.
I hope the Snow Queen will release me, let me go back to my sunshine.
Shattered words,shattered thoughts,most things are blurry; I am blurry.
I live by the sun. 


  1. beautiful words and pics ♥

    hope you reach your sunshine soon ;)

    have a lovely week, my dear! xx

  2. Oh yes dear, I agree. The winter makes me feel so sleepy and sad. Sunshine makes the world perfect, but all I will see for the next few months is grey clouds. x

  3. This feeling.
    The sun tickling your back!
    I'm happy when the sun shines.
    Beautiful writings!

  4. oi fwtografies sou pada einai ...erwteusimes!<3
    ...me pane pada allou...!

  5. This is absolutely enthralling. It draws me in like midnight, it's so mysterious and thick and sumptuous and, ah! So lovely!