I'll get lost in the forest and be a dryad

26 July 2011

I'll wear a colar dress, take my notebooks and write down the words of the trees.I'll write the murmurs of the wind and the songs of the water running 2 feet away. I'll translate the musings of the birds and speak with the small animals and they will bring me flowers and fruits and we'll be friends. 

And then, I'll learn to live with the forest and I  won't be lost any more. I'll live in a tree house just like the elves did. I'll weave with  lowers and sing with the nightingales.

And when he comes to my forest, I'll take him to my magical places and he won't ever leave me alone. I'll take the stars from his eyes to light the night and his sweet smell to fragrance the leaves.
I'll be his and he'll be mine.


  1. That was so beautiful.... Did you write that? Ahhh and I love all the pictures too. This is just so lovely. Thank you so much for posting this. ^^ It was refreshing to my heart during this dry hot summer.

  2. Yes I wrote this :)
    Thank you very much Cheryl! It feels beautiful to write even when it's nothing special..

  3. This is so, so lovely. The photographs are beautiful. x

  4. etsi re goustarw romadismo sta foul!