"I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently?"

2 December 2011

December is here and I've been dreaming of Christmas for weeks... Hope it will snow this year! I've been reading short stories and magic little poems, drinking lots of tea (caught a cold!) and I've been willing to take some photos and make a December calendar to share with you! I'm also goIng to make a christmas list for presents and draw some cards for friends and family!

This christmas holidays I plan on reading some Narnia (it's always in the christmas mood!), watch winter children's movies and keep being obsessed with photos of
fairy tale British villages, castles and gardens!


title quote by Lewis Carrol    



  1. ποσο ονειρικος ο γιακάς?
    ντάξει αν και το χιόνι δεν ειναι το στοιχείο μου, αυτα τα μαγικα σπιτάκια με τισ σκεπές και τις αυλές και τα τέλεια παράθυρα, τρελενομαι να τα βλεπω χονισμενα!

  2. What a wonderfully inspiring set of winter photos! I too hope it snows this Christmas, something that I hope every year! I hope we both get our wish this time...xx

  3. I am just ready for the snow, I mean, READY. The gif made me squeek like a fangirl!

    And that first photo, oh dear me. Winter is a magical time for us who are lucky enough to enjoy its beauty. And I am so very grateful for this. Have a lovely December weekend xx

  4. The GIF is seriously amazing! <3 I am getting oh-so excited for Christmas!

    Lost in the Haze

  5. What a pretty collection of images. Everything always looks more beautiful covered in a thick layer of undisturbed snow. I'm waiting and wishing, too...

  6. Fantastic inspirational pictures! I want to be there, and go for tea!

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