Sleeping Beauty

7 January 2011


'' Many a girl has waited long,
For a husband brave or strong;
But I’m sure I never met
Any sort of woman yet 
who could wait a hundred years, 
Free from fretting, free from fears. 
Now, our story seems to show 
That a century or so, 
Late or early, matters not; 
True love comes by fairy-lot. 
Some old folk will even say 
It grows better by delay. ,,

Illustration by Henry Maynell Rheam

I run and run and run to reach something I already have;
I run,I run,I runto see something I've missed,
something I shouldn't miss that soon.
I leave to come back to you.

I leave from everything. I left all thoughts, I left the shadows;
the ones that always come back...

But you have a power and it is so strong for me, it keeps them all away.
You keep the light in me.