pieces of magic

19 March 2012

I've been gathering fallen leaves and tiny drawings of other people. The sun has been shining all day long and the warmth gets me thinking of picnics and trips to the forest. I've also been dreaming too much of the English countryside and the painfully beautiful little houses,cottages or castles that seem to have come out of a story book. The pen pal group is going really well and I'm so happy about it! I can't wait to buy beautiful envelopes and fill them with letters, poems and tiny silver stars.

pieces of magic
  • a closed wardrobe with forgotten winter coats hiding a magic world 
  • a dusty attic filled with memories 
  • a train to an unknown place 
  • carols 
  • chiming bells 
  • fairy lights 
  • glitter 
  • glitter globes 
  • golden compass 
  • icy fingers and inked knees 
  • letter sent to strangers 
  • lost keys 
  • music boxes
  • paper snowflakes and cotton clouds
  • silver locket
  • telescope
  • the Heart of the ocean
  • the inside of shells
  • wind chimes tickling with the breeze
  • windows wide opened in a starry night
(via thesleepingfawn)


  1. Gorgeous photos! They look so dreamy and ethereal xxx

  2. great post, very magical ;)*

  3. I love this posts. I just want to read all of those books either in that house or out by the water. ah beautiful :)


  4. Keep up the good work, Christinaki!So proud of you!Just a classmate of yore!Δ.θ