Where the wild roses grow: a change in the name

21 August 2012

I've been thinking of changing my blog's name for many many months now but I wasn't sure because I didn't want to confuse followers or lose traffic, but in the end I wanted something new. I used the old name since I first made my blog in 2009 it's very big and it doesn't fit me or the blog's style anymore, as it hadn't the last couple of years. I decided to change the layout a bit as well (it's still not finished), along with the name change, and I'd love to hear your opinions about it and if you preferes the clean style of the previous one..!

Other than that, my summer is a bit dull this last days, I started reading for university exams and plan on going for a 3-4 day trip at the end of September or in October. I also get lovely letters from my pen pals and can't get enough of beautiful envelopes! How was your summer?!


  1. re den moy emfanizei to nav bar k an exeiw eikona k sthn imerominia kapvw emfanizetai!

    1. Dokimases me allo browser? Egw se 3 upologistes pou to eida ola fainontai...

  2. Loving it, it's very simple but a good simple!
    The layout is amazing.

  3. this name is beautiful. just like your blog :)