2013 Calendar printable!

17 February 2013

Hey there!! I got some really nice freebies today - and lots of free time - and thought why not make a printable yearly calendar?! I played with various scrapbook/journal images and here's the result! I love the vintage journal feeling! You can download the pdf file here, print it and put it on your wall!


  1. I just love everything you do! I'm a graphic designer and I think your work is very inspiring! And your blog is just lovely, please keep doing the great job! <3

  2. this is so soooo pretty, simply neat design, and yet lovely ♥♥♥

    off to download :)

  3. Omg this is absolutely just so beautiful!! Definitely gonna print it out :))

  4. If I display this at home, it'll make me feel like I'm living in a country home. Isn’t it so adorable? Brilliant idea on using dried flowers for the main theme of your calendar. I hope the print quality of this calendar is just as good too!