Lost between autumn and spring

8 March 2014


I try to find my routine in between cold and warm days, days full and empty, drinking lots of coffee and trying to find inspiration in new things. There are days when I feel like I'm only really living in my head and that's when I want to figure ways to do more. I should probably find more ways of being creative, more photography, visit the always-dissapointing library for something new to read, start exercising or take short trips with friends or my boyfriend. I finally found an internship (starts on April!) and I want to take the job as a motivation to start all these!

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  1. These photos are breathtaking! So glad you've found an internship

  2. Hey girl! It's perfectly normal to go through such phases and take a break from everything every now and then. Congrats on getting the internship! You've got something to really look forward to now and that's great news! :)

  3. Those photos are just breathtaking, each and every one as beautiful as the last. Good luck with your goals and your internship :) xxx

  4. Oh super cool pics darl!
    nice blog. wanna follow each other dear? :)) http://choccopost.blogspot.com/

  5. omg these photos are magical *_*
    don't worry colorful days are coming soon!