Links Loved

12 April 2014

1. Filling my fashion Pinterest board with street-style photos by Vanessa Jackman.
2. I'm thinking of buying an ebook and this DIY is lovely!
3. I love Lea Goren's patterns, I'm sure you've seen that cat dress (hers is the original cat print). The scarves are equally pretty and I loved the lookbook! (and the girl's hair color!)
4. Found this link through Miss Moss, Kate Miss' house is just beautiful!


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  2. Kate Miss' house is so pretty! *envy*
    And yes, here in Portugal is also very hard to get (and keep) a job. And when you do, you work 6 days a week, 8 hours a day, with a little holiday week every 6 months... for 2 euros per hour... How is a person supposed to survive with only 500 euros per month? It's nonsense! I feel sorry for those who have a family to feed, really. I'm single and live at my parents' otherwise all my money would be spent in rent... I totally admire your view on not being fair demanding money from parents, specially when we know they can't afford it.