Happy new year + January desktop calendar

4 January 2015

Happy new year everyone!! Hope you've had a lovely Christmas and New Year's day! I've been working through the holidays, only took the important days off and it was so nice to finally have time to just sit with friends drinking wine and talking nonsense!  I didn't do anything special for New Year's, I was working on the 31st and after cooking my first burgers (total success!) I felt so sleepy there was no way I would go out...! Each Christmas I'm daydreaming of having my own home to decorate and cook and call friends and every year I tell myself to be patient, it can't be too long. :)

I also made two vertical wallpapers for your phone! Now that I got an iPhone I'm searching all around for cool wallpapers and fun apps! Just click on each image to get the full size file! (The beautiful stock photo is by Jay Mantri.)



  1. Somehow it has been awhile since the last time I was on your blog, and oh my, I absolutely adore the changes! :))

  2. I love it !! Thank you for sharing :)

  3. You make beautiful calendars! Totally have me daydreaming about tall trees & the smell of rain... instead of being stuck in an office! xx